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com::kirkk::analyzer::framework::bcelbundle::JarImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::kirkk::analyzer::framework::bcelbundle::JarImpl:
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Public Member Functions

void addCyclicJar (Jar jar)
void addIncomingDependency (Jar jar)
void addOutgoingDependency (Jar jar)
void addPackage (JarPackage jarPackage)
JarMetrics calculateMetrics ()
boolean containsPackage (String s)
int getAbstractClassCount ()
List getAllContainedPackages ()
List getAllExternallyReferencedPackages ()
List getAllUnidentifiableExternallyReferencedPackages ()
int getClassCount ()
List getCyclicJars ()
String getFullyQualifiedJarFileName ()
List getIncomingDependencies ()
String getJarFileName ()
List getOutgoingDependencies ()
JarPackage getPackage (String s)
int getPackageCount ()
boolean hasCycles ()
 JarImpl (String jarFileName)

Public Attributes

List packages = new ArrayList()

Private Attributes

boolean containsCycles = false
List cyclicJars = new ArrayList()
List dependentJars = new ArrayList()
List incomingDependencies = new ArrayList()
String jarFileName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file JarImpl.java.

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